Buddy Achievements
Buddy - Subessen Echoes of Power JW
orn 23rd March 2010

Crufts 2012

Buddy was born on 23rd March 2010 and was the 6th puppy of Blaze's first litter. Although the whole litter were absolutely gorgeous,we decided that Firey (as he was known) was not going to leave us so he stayed, and as the first male dog in the house since Bertie, he has a lot to live up to!
After his brothers and sisters had gone to their new homes he had to find new playmates and surprisingly his granny Jess was prepared to play with him!!
He learnt to perfect the 'aren't I gorgeous' look.

 He then had a taste of things to come by being introduced to the hair dryer!!


We should have known that we had a bundle of mischief from this picture -

Who me, eat the plants? 
Great excitement at the beginning of June, sister Baez came to stay for a week and the two pups went to the SCBCC Strawberry Tea where they had great fun and met their uncle Alfie (S. Bit of a Scamp, Jess's 2nd litter).They had a lovely time chasing each other and only when they were tired could we get a picture of them!!  
 At this fun-day Buddy had his first foray into the show ring when he took part in the Puppy Walk. Bob Manning was judging and luckily for us he liked Buddy, placing him first and his sister Baez (S. Echoes of Grace) second.
Then as a special treat we took the pups to see their brother Noodles. They played and played and played.

Buddy went with his new best friend, Amba to a training session where he met his sister Baez and brother Noodles - it was a good job the tennis court was enclosed, otherwise we may have been chasing pups all night. None had learnt the word "come"!!!!!!!
At just 3 months old he had his first trip in the caravan, which took him all the way to Scotland, where he decided to have a drink in Loch Lomond.

Buddy has found his favourite spot and to celebrate his 4th month birthday he spent much of the day there. It made it a lot easier to take a photo!


At Midshires Championship Show in August 2010, Buddy met his sister Lucy and brother Harley.  They were all very well behaved, watched the big boys and girls in the ring (not realising they would be in the ring soon!!) and then posed for photographs.
                           this way please                                                        that's better
Lucy, Harley, Buddy

Then it was back to playing with Amba and mummy Blaze until Saturday 25th September, the day of Buddy's first 'proper' show.  This was Coulsdon Open Show at Ardingley ((Buddy achievements).

 Do I look ready?                                                             Lovely stand Buddy
That was exhausting!
In October Buddy entered his first Championship Show (S. Wales Championship Show) and competed with his sister Lucy (S. Echoes of Love at Pastraka) for Best Puppy in Breed.  He was the perfect gentleman and let Lucy win!!!! (photo see Buddy achievements)

In December he enjoyed playing in the snow!


During 2011 Buddy attended a number of shows and these can all be found under Buddy achievements

In January he went with the others to the beach.  He had heard that his great-uncle Bertie loved to bark at the waves but Buddy wasn't even sure if he wanted to get his paws wet, so he just stood by the waves!

Is it cold?

Think I'll just have a run!
oh - I do like to be beside the sea-side.......                          ..but now I want to go home please

In February it was time for the annual trip to the Midshires Open Show where he met his Auntie Pickle. 

Mud-bath time!

In February Buddy had a very successful time at the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Championship show and followed this with more success at Crufts in March 2011 (Buddy achievements)

He celebrated his 1st birthday on 23rd March by -

                               hiding                                                                     running

                              jumping                                                          or just standing!!

In April Claire took over showing Buddy and at the Bearded Collie Club Open Show handled him to the final points for his Junior Warrant (Buddy achievements)
In May we headed off to the Spring Frolic where Brenda White was giving a 'hands on' demonstration on ring handling.  Both Harley and Baez joined Buddy and afterwards they had a good run around - after they discussed which way to go!

                                                                                                                                                                     that's Harley's nose!!

then Buddy and Baez rested                                                            while Harley went off following his nose!

On various holidays during 2011 and 2012 Buddy learnt how to escape from the caravan and need encouragement to come back in!


because he was having too much fun with the others

He even got used to going in the sea -


Buddy on his 3rd birthday in March 2013, enjoying his presents

             playing with his frisbee                                                 that was exhausting        (May 2013)

In June 2013 we decided to go on a holiday to Sandringham in Norfolk so that we could visit some old 'home' towns of Sue's - Hunstanton and King's Lynn.  Off course the dogs had great fun.  Buddy posed well for his photos, both on the grass of Sandringham and on the beach at Hunstanton.


                          ready to play                                                                         it's a bit windy


                    catching the others up!                                                        I'm ready to go!