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"Over the Bridge"
"Over the Bridge"
Bertie - The Life and Times
20th November 1993 - 19th June 2009
Jambalaya Snow Plough was the first of our beardies, born in November 1993 during a snowy winter, Bertie as he was to be known, was immediately a big part of the family. The original pet - his show career being short lived - Bertie was the liveliest and loveliest beardie you could wish to meet.
Bertie unfortunately  passed away after a long and love-filled life. Here are just some of the memories that we have of this amazing pet who lit up our lives.
One constant throughout Bertie's life was his own self-belief that people could understand what he was saying and thus continued to bark to anyone that walked past the end of the garden. He would sit for hours at a time "talking" to anyone that would listen and considering the end of the garden is a river-side walk, this was often a lot of people.
Glory did occasionally cross Bertie's path, he won such coveted awards as "most adoring eyes", "best non-show dog at show", the list is endless so we won't bore you!!
Christmas Day was a magical time for Bertie. He loved to open presents and has been known to help himself before Christmas Day and open them. He tried to teach Jess and Blaze the art of present-opening, but they preferred to watch him.
Like many males the domestic chores weren't high on Bertie's list of priorities. In fact from a very early age the sight of the ironing board or hoover was met with a very loud selection of barks that left you in no doubt that he wasn't very impressed.
He had a complete dislike of swimming and although you'll see some photos on this web-site of a very wet Bertie, he wasn't your next Michael Phelps. In fact he could do a very good impression of King Canute "talking" to the waves.
Bark away Bertie - we'll miss you loads.


Jess - The Life and Times
11th July 2003 - 1st June 2018


Jess (Bendale Love Me Tender at Subessen) joined us in September 2003 to be a friend for Bertie. She was my special girl who took us into the world of dog showing.  She introduced us to lovely beardie people who we are now able to call friends.

She had a fair amount of success in the show ring, culminating in winning the bitch Challenge Certificate in 2009.  She took me onto the hallowed green carpet of Crufts and showed her socks off each time.

In 2006 and 2009 she whelped 2 litters of gorgeous puppies.

Having retired from the show ring after her second litter she became the leader of the beardie family at home. enjoying life to the full for mostof her 14 years until the last few months when her age caught up with her.

We had to say goodbye to Jess on 1st June 2018 when she lost her batttle with pancreatitus.

She has left a very big hole in our family. I don't know if I will ever be able to listen to Elvis singing 'Love Me Tender' again.


Bertie saying hello to Jess



                       Anne and Jess winning Challenge Certificate - May 2009

                  Sleep tight sweetheart sweet heart and give Bertie a great big hug