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Born  20th June 2014
Dam - Subessen Land of Grace
Sire - Ch. Moonhills Power of Dreamz
To see  pedigree chart, click here
Buddy would like you to know that he has 3 new sisters and one brother. His mum, Blaze (S. Land of Grace) and dad Arthur (Ch. Moonhill Power of Dreamz) are the proud parents.
          Honor                                                 Isla
Mum and pups are well

over the top goes Kate                                        Kate and Honor snuggling in mum's hair
The pups are now a week old and gaining weight well.

                  Honor                                                     Isla
                    Jack                                                 Kate
                                             All together

They are now 2 weeks old, all four have their eyes open and are quite mobile.

       Kate, Jack, Isla, Honor                                Mum's here

                                          We've had enough

3 weeks and growing fast!  They decided that mum's milk was not enough so we have started them on a little solid food - well mashhed up puppy kibble with a splash of goat's milk

               Isla                                            Honor                                                 Kate

                  Jack                               We don't want to be together!

sorry - time goes very quickly and pup photos have not always been taken.  However the four of them have become quite mischievious and enjoy being in the garden where they can watch the other dogs.


In July the Kennel Club approved the names we had chosen for the pups -

Isla  who will be known as Ember will be Subessen Blaze of Colour
Honor who will be known as Ellie will be Subessen Blaze of Glory
Jack who will be known as Rufus will be Subessen Blaze of Light
Kate who will be known as Grace will be Blaze of Fire

As you will gather the pups are named after their mother whose pet name is Blaze and whose posh name is Land of Grace