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Pickle - Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme AW(G)

FIRST Pedigree Bearded Collie to gain Agility Warrent GOLD

Pickle  was part of Jess's second litter and is now with Suzanne Hale at Broadholme. She very kindly updates us on Pickle's progress and sends through photos we are pleased to add to our web-site.

Pickle was part of a puppy obedience team at Crufts 2010.



Pickle (Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme) has started her agility career in great style. At her very first show she won a rosette for completing a clear round. At the Shrewsbury Open Agility Show she had her first clear round at a K.C. show, graded 1-3 jumping. Well done Pickle and Suzanne Hale who runs Pickle. We can't wait to see Pickle in action !!

Pickle is continuing on her winning ways in the agility ring. She had three clear rounds in the recent Hare n Hounds Show. 2 were in agility and 1 in jumping, but her handler Suzanne, says that one doesn't count as she went to visit the photographer who was making clicking noises with his camera and this meant she ran out of course time !!!! That's the way to go Pickle !!

Tuesday 25th September 2012

We have just had this news from Suzanne Hale about Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme and her exploits in the agility ring - Pickle did really well this weekend (Sept 22/23). She managed to get a 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 2 Clears in Agility and a 6th, 8th & 10th in Jumping. She's in Grade 4 and although she has more than enough points to move her to Grade 5, Suzanne believes they will wait for a win as she's had 2 x 2nds. Pickle also has more than enough points for her Bronze warrant so once Suzanne has applied for it she'll be Subessen Bit Of A Pickle At Broadholme AW(B). She's achieved all Suzanne's goals for this year.  What a star - well done Pickle, and of course Suzanne her 'running mate!!

Saturday 6th October 2012

Pickle has a new 'posh' name - Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme AW(B) as she has now been awarded her Bronze  Agility Warrant.  Well done Pickle and of course her very proud owner Suzanne Hale

Saturday 5th January 2013

More great news - we've just received this from Suzanne Hale about Pickle (Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme) -

Pickle has just done her 1st Grade 5 show and got 2 clears so that's it now, she's officially Grade 5. Project begins now to see if we can get to Grade 6 which is tough as she'll need to get 3 wins. Hoping to do it over the next two years.
Well done Pickle!!! 

see Pickle in action - have a look at the video footage in this clip -  taken on her 3rd birthday, July 2012.

Friday 5th July 2013

Pickle  won the final points for her Silver Agility Award.  Well done Pickle, we're proud of you and of course Suzanne who goes round the course with her.
At the  Lune show - Pickle got a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 4 clears in Grade 5 plus a 10th in the ABC Novice Qualifier.

Massive congratulations are due to Pickle (S. Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme) who has gained enough points to be awarded her  Silver Agility Award. She had to gain 400 points for this and is now aiming to collect 800 for the gold award.  Won't be long!!  Well done to Suzanne who runs with Pickle.
At the Lune Show in July, Pickle gained a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 4 clear rounds in Grade 5.  She was also 10th in ABC Novice Qualifier


Pickle  has been doing brilliantly n the agility ring lately. 
At the Hare'n'Hounds Show  (20-222 Sept) she achieved a 3rd 5th and 6th in Agility and 2nd 5th 7th + 2 clear rounds in Jumping
Dog Vegas at Southwell (27-29 Sept) she achieved an 8th and a clear in Agility and a 3rd and 4 clears in Jumping.
All of these score points for her next award and she is doing really well.
Her running mate, Suzanne Hale says Pickle has proven to be  very special Agility partner and we thoroughly agree.

April 2014

During the Easter weekend Pickle was running around the agility course at a show organised by the Hare N Hounds team and was placed 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 5 clears in Grade 5.  Well done Pickle - Suzanne has obviously learnt her way round this course!!

Suzanne Hale tells us that at the recent Dog Vegas show Pickle (S. Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme) got a 2nd in combined 4-5 jumping, 3rd. in graded 4-5 agility and a clear in another 4-5 graded agility. These results gave Pickle 29 points towards the Gold agility warrent.  Way to go Pickle.

BIG, BIG NEWS - Pickle (S. Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme)
has amassed an amazing 825 agility points and her 'runner' Suzanne Hale can now apply for her Gold Agility Award!  We are so proud of our little brown girl and very very grateful to Suzanne for training and guiding Pickle to this wonderful achievement.  We also have been told by the Kennel Club that Pickle is the first pedigree Bearded Collie to achieve this accolade!!!