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Sire - Ch. Potterdale Pisces 
Dam - Bendale Love me Tender at Subessen

Jess gave birth to 4 puppies during the morning of 30th July 2009. There were two slate girls, one slate boy and one brown girl.

For those of you that regularly check on the progress of the new puppies you will see that the prefix for the names has been approved by the Kennel Club. Full names are:

Alfie (formerly Scamp) - Subessen Bit of a Scamp
Poppy (formerly Faith) - Subessen Bit of a Dreamer
Pickle  Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme
Amba (formerly Pixie) - Subessen Bit of a Cheek

There are more pictures on the Gallery

10th September 2009 - 6 weeks old

We have decided that we are going to keep one of the puppies, Pixie being the chosen one. We have however decided on a change of name so from hence forth she will be known as Amba.

  Scamp Faith


  Pickle Amba


1st August 2009 - 48 hours old



Puppies at 48 hours

Scamp Faith

Pickle Pixie