Land of ......
Bit of ......
Land of ......

Land of ......
Born 7th April 2006

Sire - Ch. Mungo's Over the Moon at Zoesta
Dam - Bendale Love Me Tender at Subessen

To see the pedigree chart, click here.

So having acquired the Subessen affix we now needed the kennel names for our pups. There is a definite Elvis influence in Jess’s name and so we turned the name of his house (Gracelands) into Land of Grace for the pup we would keep and decided on the following for the rest of ‘the brood’:
The three blues would be Land of Mystery, Magic and Dreams.
The brown boy would be Land of the Free.
The other black and whites would be Land of Glory, Joy, Promise and Mischief (which in retrospect we should have kept for Blaze!!!!!)

We were extremely fortunate to find eight loving and friendly homes for the pups and by the end of June all were in their new homes.

Jess's Pups



              Land of Mischief        Land of Mystery
       Land of Dreams     Land of Joy
          Land of the Free   L and of Grace
                             Land of Promise